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Polish cuisine has often suffered the misfortune of being labelled as heavy and bland, even among Poles.

While this blog provides some great options for those cold winter evenings that demand rich comfort food, it also showcases a side of Polish cuisine that we don’t often consider – simple dishes, celebrating beautiful ingredients – perfect for spring and summer.

Here at the Polonist, I try out hundreds of Polish recipes including:

  • unquestionable classics,
  • modern versions of the classics,
  • regional specialties (that just haven't been made famous yet) and...
  • dishes that are made up from the great wealth of Polish produce.

Wherever you’re from, if you love amazing food – this is the place for you! 

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Loving the thrill of discovering something unknown and unique? Polish regional recipes will get your creative juices flowing.


Explore traditional Polish culinary techniques like fermentation, sourdough baking or infusing alcohol (making nalewka).


Serious cooking isn’t cool. Polonist is an unpretentious lecture-free zone. Have a go yourself and have fun!


If you have tried a recipe from here, use #polonist and share your creation with us. Let’s make Polish food world-famous!

Kasia Kronenberger portrait

Who is Kasia? And how does she know this stuff?

I’m the author and scribbler behind Polonist. I live in Warsaw with my family who acts as my guinea pigs, tasting everything I make (fyi: no major complaints so far…).

And if you don’t find me hovering over a pot of simmering rosół in my kitchen, I’m probably in my studio – drawing something new.

Disclaimer: I’m not a chef! Just a self-taught home cook, who – through my own culinary experiments – wants to show you how to recreate Polish flavours at home, wherever that is.

I hope that my successes in the kitchen will inspire you, and my failures will keep you out of trouble (or make you laugh).

There are very few high quality resources about Polish food in English. My hope is that readers outside the Polish community will be able to experiment with the cuisine, ensuring the recipes are as accessible as possible.

Please note that English is not my native language, therefore you’re likely to stumble upon an error or two (or hundreds :-P). So if you see one – let me know, and I’ll fix it.


The metric system is more precise than imperial. Moreover, the sources of the recipes are Polish, and therefore originally in metric. For your convenience, I’ve added US imperial measurements next to each ingredient as well.

Polonist (noun): a specialist in the Polish language or Polish literature and cultureMerriam-Webster Dictionary

We’re spreading awareness and appreciation of Polish culture… through food :)

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